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      hey… I use the Vegas Movie Studio Platium 9.0 and I have this song that is kinda slow…then i have this song thats fast…if i make the video go the speed of the fast song the slow song sounds likea chipmunk…but if i make the video go of the slow one the fast song sounds like a monster!

      is there anywayto makeboth songs go thereown oringal speed???

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      I can’t recall ever having a similar experience. Are the songs somehow attached to video tracks? And how are you changing the video speed? What happens when you drop the media on the tracks? How does it play back before any adjustments?

      If you haven’t already tried it, you should make your adjustments in the media properties of individual clips. Then you can have the same video moving differently in successive clips. Like 10 frames forward at 2X speed, then 5 frames backward at normal speed and etc. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for your needs.

      Let us know how things go, and Good Luck!

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      i dont know how to change the speed to only one part of it…

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      I use Vegas Pro and don’t understand your problem.

      Is the song on the audio track of the video you are adjusting the speed of?

      Put the songs on one of the audio tracks (different ones if you want) and the video on one of the video tracks – You can quickly adjust the video or audio playback rates by holding down the control (CTRL) key and dragging the clip (audio or video) left or right. If you want the songs to fit the video portion, just adjust their size without holding down the CTRL key and crossfade them for a nice effect.

      I might be able to help better if you were more specific.

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      I had this problem with Sony ACID. I don’t know if you can fix that.

      You will at least want to make sure the two songs are on DIFFERENT TRACKS, but if the speed you are changing is for the whole Vegas project, thenthat won’t help at all. There might be a track effect that you can get that changes the speed for just one track.

      Try changing the speed for just one track. It might work. Either the slow or the fast one should work.

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