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      Quick survey…. When you import audio into a video project, what format(s) do you prefer?

      Typical project: eg. wedding video, corporate presentation, etc.
      Audio content: eg. music, voice, sound FX, etc.
      File type: eg. WAV / AIF / MP3, etc.
      Sample rate: eg. 44.1khz, 48khz, etc.
      Channels: eg. Mono / Stereo / Surround, etc.
      Resolution: eg. 8-bit, 16-bit, etc.

      Obviously, this varies hugely from project to project. So, consider the question for the most regular type of video work you do – a ‘typical’ project.

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      AIFF for music

      MP3 narrative, sound FX, other that doesn’t require exacting clarity of musical tracks.

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      16-bit 48khz is pretty standard when it comes to audio for video.

      Your wrapper is dependent on your software. For example, FCP prefers .aiff

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