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I'm filming a wedding for the first time with my canon 7D and need some suggestions about audio in a low budget. Actually Im thinking avout using a rode mic monted in the camera and I need something to be recording the groom and bride at the altar. What I can use to capture a good audio quality, good presence?

Some suggestions that I had was iphone, the Zoom H2 etc.

If anybody could give some help will be highly appreciate

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I have a Sony wireless system #UWP-V6, but also use my on-camera mics (Canon cameras XL and GL series) as well as several Zoom H2 recorders. I usually can place one on the groom with a hardwired mic, and put the Zoom in an inside coat pocket.

I place others near where readers or speakers will be, and if there are string ensembles or other performers I try to find a location for one near them. But using the Rhode mic and at least a Zoom H2 on the groom (they're a bit fatter than a wireless radio, but not too difficult to conceal in the inside jacket pocket). I do better rigging a hardwired lav to it rather than depending on the H2's builtins due to rubbing sound and muffled audio reception through the cloth, but hardwired lav (mine is from Radio Shack) works like a charm.

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You could also pick up a digital voice recorder and a simple omnidirectional lav mic - put it on the groom and set to record right before he goes down the aisle - I have done this successfully twice (once was my own wedding).

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I mic the groom with a wireless lav (fed into one channel on cam). I take the house sound and feed it into my Zoom H4n (if there is any for singing and what not). I also put a shotgun on the 2 cams I use to cover the wedding (one fed into second channel on one cam). This has worked well so far for me and simple to setup.