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      Hey guys, I was hoping for some advice on audio setup for interviews and speaking events. I shoot videos on a budget and so right now i am shooting video on a consumer grade HDvideo-camerathat cost less than a grand. I have saved up a couple hundred, and i cannot improve the video quality since it would mean a propervideo-camera. Instead i thought why notimproveon the audio quality. The last video i took can be seen here :

      As you can tell the audio is not very good – so i was thinking of using an audio recorder with a mic attached for interviews, and for speakers such as the video above t0 record audio directly from the soundboard?

      So is that a viable solution/good idea? or would a shotgun mic work better for interviews?? I will also be shooting interviews outdoors as well. I was thinking to use an audio recorder to get the direct sound and use the mic on the camera to get the field sound?

      i only have a couple hundred- so please let me know if purchasing an audio recorder is the smart choice? and if so what would be a simple but well-rounded recorder for under 200? Appreciate any help thanks guys!

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      jtl310, I’m sure others will give their favorite recorders. I use a zoom H2(older model)which is well within your price range. It has 4 built-in microphones with flexibility for recording in different directions. You can also plug in microphones to record. I’ve used mine with a lav(inexpensive Radio Shack Model)to mike a groom and received good audio from groom, bride and minister. Of course this requires syncing in post. Miking the speakers (if possible) with this set-up or locating your recorder on the speaker stand should give good results. I wouldhave a set of earphones to check the audio whenever you shoot. A sound check before shooting with whatever set-up you use
      is recommended. Hope this helps. Keep shooting.

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      As everyone actually HAS a microphone, then the obvious thing is to ‘steal’ the audio from these. Take the audio from whatever these mics are connected to. Music people have the same issues, but it’s more complicated to sort – with these mics being used for the in-house PA, just hang your recorded on the output of that and sync it when you edit!

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      Thanks for the comments guys! I guess i will be purchasing a new recorder then. I know vide-o-man recommended the Zoom H2 – but i was wondering if there are any other products that i should be looking at? I googled audio recorders and found … alot -most of my work will involve using external sources like a soundboard, microphone, lapel mic, rhode mic etc..

      Im looking at the Zoom H2n and Tascam Dr-40 with the XLR inputs. Although im leavining to the Dr-40 just cause of bang for buck – any recommendations or any other recorders i should be looking at??

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      If you need to have independent mixes from the PA mix, if there aren’t too many feeds, just make op or buy some XLR splits and then you can mix your owns version of what goes into the PA mixer. If there are lots of mics, then instead of buying zoom or similar, buy a multi input external A/D unit and record all the sources individually, then mix them later in the edit.

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