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      Hi, I own a panasonic ag-dvx100b camcorder which is great. However, I’ve only recently begun to think about getting some good audio equipment. I’ve done loads of research but there is just so many. This is my situation, I will be shooting feature films, with roughly 50% indoors. (This could be with multiple people speaking to). And about 50% outdoors. I have around 1000 to spend and would like to get the best audio for that. I was thinking first of getting a sennheiser me66/k6 combo and a wireless g3 combo along with a really good sanken cos-11 lav mic. But quality is everything for me and I started questioning whether I should buy a schoeps shotgun or a mkh114 etc. Any and all advice would be much appreciated. Please just tell me in your opinion, what you would get for 1000.

      Thanks Taras

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