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      I may be shooting a documentary in Africa soon. It will all be shot and edited by me. I have 2 Canon GL2s the MA-300 audio adapter so I have the xlr inputs. I have 2 sony wireless lavs, a samson handheld and two rode ntg-2 shotguns.

      There will be 2 main subjects adn I would like to have the both miced up, since I can only run one camera at a time for the most part, I won’t be able to pick up any significant background noise, like other people talking for instance.

      I have considered getting an additional mixer. Running the other camera just for sound whenever it is convenient.

      Any further ideas?

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      Get a Zoom H2 and use it for ambient sound recourding. It is a wonderful piece of redundant audio reinforcement, small and compact. You’ll need plenty of batteries and a few SDHC cards. Don’t leave home without it. 🙂

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      How omnidirectional is it and how much space does it take up?

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      It is approximately 1.5 inches thick, maybe 3 inches wide and maybe 5 inches tall, give or take. It has two sides, both stereo, or you have the option of operating a 4-channel recording mode for surround sound implementation (not likely a concern for your current anticipated needs, but…) – one side records at a 90 degree angle, the other at a 120 degree angle.

      Check it out at

      Yes, I have and use four of them often, and am VERY pleased with their ease of use, quality of recording and diversity.

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      I would like to add, if you do choose them, practice with them before a critical shoot so you get the feel of them and to know their operation. Read the instructions, they are not as intuitive as they appear.

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