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      Hi…I recorded a Wedding and for some reason during part of it there is alot of static….I use Avid Liquid Pro 7.0 to put my videos together and was wondering if there is some software out there that I can use to filter my audio…Or is there a way I can do it with my Avid software? Thanks for any help you can give me…

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      hmmm…were you using wireless mics? Cell phones often interfere with the frequency of the mics, so that’s probably what the static is. Unfortunately, that’s not fixable.

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      Sony’s SoundForge and Adobe’s Audition have some very advanced tools for audio scrubbing (way beyond basic simple fixups). If the static is not overly loud, not fluctuating and you have a one or two second sample of the static alone, you might be able to remove some of it. In any case, it may be wortha try just to salvage what you can.

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      it seems that Avid Liquid Pro cannot do this job. I have ever used Samplitude. It’s also a power tool just like Sony’s SoundForge. Search it and get a try.

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