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      Hello All,

      I’ve encountered a puzzling problem as of late. I record city council meetings, utilizing a cheap wireless mic setup – an Audio Technica PRO88 VHF transmitter and receiver. Often times, I get a half-second buzz tone in 5-second intervals. Everything else is clean, but every five seconds, there is a very short buzz that lasts a half-second.

      The wireless mic is running on batteries and my camera is as well – nothing is plugged into an electrical outlet.

      Any ideas, besides “buy a real UHF wireless system”. πŸ™‚ Thanks in advance!

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      Sadly, the fault very likely does fall on the shouders of your “cheap wireless mic setup” my friend. When I started out in commercial and public access video production some 20 years ago I did the same thing – picked up a multiple wireless mic system. Some RadioShack-like thing, hoping it would get me by. From day one I had many of the problems associated with inferior and/or cheaply-made electronic gear.

      When you under invest in such equipment, while it is possible to occasionally find a gem buried in all that coal, it is usually so full of inferior circuitry, components and elements as to make the actual investment a total waste of money – a black hole for your hard-fought dollars.

      So, yeah, you wanted to hear answers “besides…” but the only way you are going to be able to combat the huge number of possible reasons technically or signal-wise why your system is experiencing this problem, the major probable reason is the LACK of quality of your “cheap wireless mic setup.”

      Even with some systems that cost you MORE you’ll have signal issues, and occasionally those systems in the $1K or higher range will experience a few themselves. There IS NO PERFECT wireless system, though some of the really expensive (Letrasonics (SP?), for one) might come close.

      Sorry, I have no specific answer or solution for your existing system, but a few of the answers you don’t want to hear, in addition to higher-priced and better quality wireless include hardwired mics to a mixer, a hardwired mic pointed at the PA speaker system “sweet spot” and connected directly to your camera, or placement of several self-contained, free-standing digital recorders similar to the Zoom H2.

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      Do you think there is a way you can use a wired mic with a long XLR cable? Not only would that be more reliable, but that would be cheaper, too. And probably better quality.

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      Dunno Rob, depending on the length and quality some of those cables (Canare, for example) can get fairly pricey. But yeah, for a less-expensive approach over high-brow wireless rigs, it’s a way to go. Plus much better quality sound, again depending on the length and microphone at the end, over a “cheap wireless mic setup”.

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      Deoxit might clean up all the connectors and help

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      I have the same challenge. One route is to cut out the battery box from any ol’ electret lavalier mic, and this will sometimes allow you to lengthen the cable up to 30 to 35 feet. I’ve had success with several mics this way, and they rarely pickup RF interference. (other than near the powerful TV or Radio broadcast antennas) For the past year I have had GOOD success with an XLR adapter box for my Panasonic GS500; the device never has failed to adapt audio from any house mixer board, cheap PA systems, laptops etc. since it has both line and mic. level inputs. HOWEVER I have been tortured by some very weird electrical interference at least half the time, when using XLR microphones on a 50 foot XLR cable. I got rid of all cases of RF interference by clamping on multiple Ferrite beads from Radio Shack. But there is some WEIRD and very loud hum/buzz in many cases (it seems always, when the speaker is near, or operating, a laptop, or perhaps, involving the house light dimmer. I hate this!!!! How can i stop it? It sometimes seems to be a body-effect. It is NOT a garden-variety ground loop since my cam and XLR box are on batteries. And my microphone is NOT contacting the other equipment.

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