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      Hi everyone, I’m shooting a video in which the main character, who has ADHD, always has a million thoughts running through his head. Does anyone know how I could illustrate this with audio effects? I thought I could have the talent record multiple voiceovers that I overlay on three or four tracks. Does anyone know of an audio effect I could add to this to make it more effective? Thanks.

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      some kind of swirling noise (even going around the speakers or back and forth in stereo) with a growing louder heartbeat, too? just a thought.

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      That’s a great idea! I have a heartbeat effect I could use. Any idea where I could get a swirling noise? Thanks for the help!

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      I checked my limited library for ideas and nothing stood out, but what about waves (like the ocean)? Assuming there’s no water around, the audience might not pick up on it (especially with the heartbeats and if you pan it from left to right in stereo). Just a thought.

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      Hey, thanks again! Another good idea. I’ll check that out.

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      Maybe you can edit mix voices adding effects of reverberation, echoes or other, and then face from one to other mimicking constants and non-related thoughts. Also may add to the mix sounds of household equipment, dog barking, traffic, phone rings…

      Experiment and be wild and creative. Cut, mix, fade and even re-record your edited audio with a mic. Sometimes great results come from unorthodox techniques.

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      Multiple layers of simultaneous, very quickly spoken, one-sided conversations. Think the scene in the third Matrix movie, with Neo standing in front of that video wall with all the other Neo’s talking.

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