audio disappeared in Sony HC48 after firewire connection

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      I have a Sony mini-DV DSC-HC48 with less then 3 tapes recorded with my daugther’s birth. Few weeks ago I connected it to a Sansung DVD recorder via a 4 x 4 ILink (firewire) cable to copy the video to DVD. During the recording I set camcorder’s playing volume to zero to avoid hearing duplicated and delayed audio. After that I never had an audio in playing nor in recording mode, only beeps and menus chimes which means the internal speaker and analog circuit is working.

      I tryied setting volumes back to max in all menus, even a pinhole reset several times with no success. Now I have a complete useless camcorder. The previous recorded mini-DV are OK when played in other camcorder, but have no sound when played in mine. New recordings have only video and are completelly muted even when reproduced in other equipment.

      I refuse to think in asevere damage and I imagine a power-up solution with some keypressing to put it in its original factory state or something similar. Any ideas, suggestions andtips would be very appreciated.


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