Audio cutting out in PP2

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      Hey guys,

      I’m editing a wedding in PP2 (wow, what are the odds! X-D)

      Anyway, for the last couple days, PP2 has been acting strange on me. when I hit space to start playing through the timeline, the audio will cut out after a few seconds. If I stop at that point in the video and hit play again, the audio comes back, but stops again after a few more seconds.

      I have noticed that if I stop the video and drag the time indicator back and forth that the audio will "come back" and I can then watch the full segment without problems.

      Has anyone had a similar issue? If so, what’s the solution. Stopping the video every 5 seconds isn’t fun, nor is scrubbing through the whole clip before playing it.


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      That’s been my solution too when this happens in 1.5.

      Today I imported some video, and I trimmed one clip, then when I went to the next it was just black. I went back to the first and it was black. Sort of the video version of this problem I guess, but it was a first. Reboot fixed that too, even though it was the first thing I did today.

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      Hear… Hear!

      I third the motion!



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