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      I am shooting a wedding for a friend this weekend (I swore I would never do a wedding…). Any tips on capturing the sound? The wedding is at an outdoor “wedding venue” place. I have a Zoom H4n I can put some where, but where? I assume if they use a podium I can hide it there to pick up the official, bride and groom…but if no podium? Any suggestions? Rehearsel is tonight but I would rather get some inputs from you guys here as I read some good stuff here all the time.

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      three tried and true (often mentioned here) tips..

      mic the groom.

      use a mini sound board or beachtek adapter to get sound off the venues soundboard….

      use a seperate recorder ….

      me I use three cameras…

      one by the soundboard getting sound from the sound board… one near the front with shotgun mic….. and one handheld with wireless mic on groom….

      I sometimes run all three sources into my peavy pv6 soundboard to one cam unless the venue is really big, then I mix it in post.

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      That helps, thanks. I only have 2 cams but I can pull audio from the board into the zoom or a cam, mic the groom and pull it into the other and use a shot gun mic on one cam.

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      just remember if you are using a wireless, and you mix it in your own board then send it to your camcorder, you are taking a risk that if the mic picks up interference, or clothing sounds, you’re stuck with it..

      if you mix in post you take which ever track sounds the best, or mix them in post.

      both ways have pro’s and cons…

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      The one wedding I have done (also as a gift for a friend) I mic’d the groom using a voice recorder and mixed in it in the NLE. Worked very well albeit a tad more time consuming.

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      I set my four Zoom H2 units in strategic locations, with appropriate locations as to angle, direction and levels, using these to not only give me MORE depth and great ambient audio, but to enhance what also comes in from the on-camera mic, and the wired or wireless on the groom.

      I used to use with some success a wireless unit that I “painted” white with liquid paper – yes mic AND transmitter – to blend in with the traditional white attire of the bride. This wasn’t always well-received, but moreso than normal or than it would have been if the unit was the traditional BLACK.

      When I can I mic the officiant, the podium where speakers/readers will be, the groom AND the bride, in addition to my H2 audio bombs. Too much audio reinforcement and redundancy might be work in post, but it’s never enough in order to be safe and not sorry.

      Things happen, double and triple up on the audio.


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      This is a great thread to stumble upon. I will be doing a similar outdoor wedding next weekend, and my 2 H2s just showed up this evening. I was going to come and ask similar questions. I am just learning that little mic – and still amazed that I could get 2 of those for less than the WIRED XLR interview mic I bought for the camera. How well would these do as an interview mic INSIDE the reception hall? Does it do a great job of cutting out background noise? Or is stepping out of the room required?

      For the Ceremony, My wireless mic I usually just have on the groom and I have never had issues trying to pick up what the bride says. I find placing the microphone slightly lower on the chest really equalizes the audio from the bride and groom – and IF I still had the problem of one way outpowering the other, then I suppose you gould fix that in post, but I honeslty have not had to do that yet.

      I was going to place 1 of the H2s on the podium if they had – or I wonder how much they would hate to have a microphone stand up there.

      I have 2xHVR-Z5u’s that will have operators, and I can put a shotgun mic on one of them.

      Just wondering what to do with that last H2?

      I started to really get into this audio detailing for a wedding after I did a ceremony at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. I had my 2 Z5u’s capturing all the action, with a HVR-HD1000u in the balcony with its stock microphoneon.

      The main audio came from a CD the Basilica burned for me, which came in crystal clear and every transition was pristine. Hats off to the “audio guy” there – I have had some completely non-qualified people run these soundboards and I get audio that is useless in the end.

      The downside was this CD audio cut out just about every ounce of ambience and echoes. I realized how well my balcony camera sound added to the experience and I put it in a 5.1 track. The 2 Z5u’s audio was OK, but it was too much “in the middle” The 1000u had excellent echoes only that it picked up from the balcony. The downside is the 1000u had a tiny bit of a hiss on the track – and I wanted a better microphone for the job. I am not entireley sure how to get rid of this hiss. Someone once told me the Noise Gate plugin whic is defaulted on to all the audio tracks anyway (in Vegas) will cut the hiss, but I don’t seem to be able to get it to work correctly.

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      Here is what I ended up doing for reference. I put the H4n at the venues small sound board (was located front right), I connected a line out into the H4 and pointed the built in mics toward the front. I put a lav on the groom (it picked up really good). I had a shotgun mic on one cam that I had up front facing the couple. The second cam had a built in mic that mainly picked up some ambient. All in all I am happy with the sound I ended up getting for the first time. I did get some rub noise from the grooms mic where he had bumped and moved it toward his flower to much but I was able to edit it out.

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      Lectrosonic or Sennheizer wireless lav mic on the groom’s left lapel (to your right), and built-in camera mic for an ambient sound during reception. Same lav mic set up on the podium next to the house or DJ mic. Otherwise – solely camera mic. Too many microphones calls for the professional sound tech. Can anyone afford the sound person to do the wedding?

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