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      I am shooting a conference next week in Salt Lake City and am looking for some advice on sound recording. I am basically a one-man operation, and will be using a Panasonic DVX-100 for video and audio recording. I use Sennheiser wireless lavs for the speakers at the podium – and the results are great. Problem is, there are going to be about 100 audience members who will be participating in a sort of “group discussion” moderated by a speaker at the podium. What is the best way to capture audience questions/responses as well as the speakers using the two xlr channels on the dvx? I have two wireless lavs, a wireless omni, and a shotgun at my disposal, with I know I could have audience members speak into a stationary mic, but the organizers think this would limit the spontaneous interaction that they want from this segment of the conference. Only other thing I can think of is to have someone walk around with a wireless boom and point at the audience, except that I don’t have a crew and this would require entrusting the audio outcome to someone who has no knowledge of sound recording whatsoever. Any creative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      Do they have a mult you can plug into?

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