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      I am using Audacity to record guitar and other instruments and mix them. Anyone have experience with Audacity and Adobe Audition who believes I should upgrade to Auditiion? I use Adobe CS4 Master Collection for what its worth, and Audition didn’t come with it, but if there’s integration between the two packages that I’m missing, then that might make it worth it to upgrade. For what it’s worth, I’ve had no crashes or anything with Audacity (so far so good, but I don’t know what I’m missing out on, either).

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    I have only seen Audition in use a few times, and while I don’t get the Adobe paradigm, I think Audition is one of the most amazing audio cleanup tools I have ever seen. So much so that it was on my list of things to buy. They have a visual noise removal tool that, once you get the nuances of it, lets you edit sound visually using colors, not waveforms – Amazing!

    I use Audacity and have found it OK for certain things. Sony Vegas Pro (which started out life as an audio tool before it added video) also has some great audio tools (as does it’s Sound Forge product). But from what I can see, Audition has ’em all beat (caveat is I have not used many audio cleanup products so look for other opinions as well).

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    Thanks birdcat! One question, though–you’re referring to Audition and not Soundbooth, right? Soundbooth came with CS4 and it’s a cleanup tool (I can remove the sound of that door shutting in the background of a video clip, for example). From what I understand, Audition is the Adobe package that allows me to mix multiple tracks of audio and, for example, create a song as an MP3. I’m doing that right now with Audacity but I’m considering “upgrading” for lack of a better term.

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    One thing I’d like to note is with Sound Forge, it’s really not worth it if you already have Sony Vegas Pro. At least that’s my experience using Sony Vegas Pro 9 along with Sound Forge Pro 9. Audacity really provides everything you need in that regard.

    “you’re referring to Audition and not Soundbooth, right?”

    In your case, I think he’s talking about audition.

    “(I can remove the sound of that door shutting in the background of a video clip, for example).”

    How do you do that? One thing I have to complain about in Vegas (or maybe its just noise removal in general) is that I can never almost fully remove the gaussian hiss that’s coming in through my $30 RadioShack mixer.

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    Pseudo – Yes, I am speaking of Audition – Soundbooth is the entry level version. Audition looks to me to be a bear to learn but once mastered would be as powerful a tool to audio as After Effects is to video.

    XTR – Sound Forge has some audio processing tools that Vegas doesn’t – Key to me would be the Noise Reduction 2.0 plugin (which can be purchased separately for Vegas).

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    Adobe Audition used to known as Cool Edit Pro before Adobe bought it.

    Soundbooth is the stripped down version of Audition though it can do much of what Audition does for audio cleanup, like spectral editing and visual noise selection tool like the lasso. It was intended to be used by non-audio professionals like video editors and animators who needed to either edit, cleanup or create audio files.As of the CS4 version it does have multi-track sound mixing feature but is still not as powerful as Audition in this area.

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    Thank you XTR, Birdcat, and jerronsmith for the responses! This forum is great! This is exactly the kind of feedback I needed (pun intended, since we’re talking about audio–I couldn’t help but throw that in).

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    Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

    I have Soundbooth, but I don’t even bother to open it, I use Cubase LE 4. Although its a music production software with main functions in recording audio and MIDI tracks, it works incredibly great for editing audio. I do all my audio editing there, the interphase is easy to use and it allow multitracks. Cubase lets you edit audio from a video, but in this LE version you need to convert the audio from the video to .wav, import it to Cubase along with the video and link them together. Kind of troublesome, but for the purposes it works (More high end Cubase software lets you import video directly) When I had a Windows computer I used Audition and from what I can remember it was easier to apply filters compared to Cubase. In Cubase you need to spend some time adjusting many parameters for the audio to be better, compared to Audition which the filters default settings works extremely well.

    For recording guitar, violins, piano, etc I recommend Cubase because its easy to set a recording session with a Presonus Audio Interphase (I have an AudioBox USB) and among others. I recorded my friend playing piano by making a MIDI track and I could change the musical instruments directly in Cubase. Now, like I said in the beginning, Cubase is a music production software, if you need to work with audio at a more professional level with more exporting options, Audition is the one to choose. I’m happy it will come to MAC this winter, check it out. (I might consider it for 2011)

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    “Sound Forge has some audio processing tools that Vegas doesn’t”

    While you’re right about that part, Audacity can pretty much do anything that Sound Forge can do and Vegas can’t, unless anyone else has something to add. Audacity is a great program, though my only complaint is the lack of visuals that guide you into effectively utilizing some of the advanced tools in it. But other than that, I think it’s great for most any audio functionality, just not the conveniences you get with the $100-1k sound programs.

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    the fact that audacity comes up in comparison to other rather expensive programs, tells you something.

    with all the expensive equipment and software one needs in this business, audacity is a much needed break, and worth the learning curve… you can’t beat the price!

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