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      I am indenting to introduce in a methodological way the use of semi-professional
      documentaries in university at area of management.

      So, I am looking for a semi-professional video editing software that has the
      features to support this kind of development, preferentially being easy-to-use.

      After reading some reviews, I am considering in first moment Corel VideoStudio
      X4 Ultimate and CyberLink PowerDirector 10 Ultra. But I dont have almost
      any knowledge about video editors to make by myself a mature
      evaluation/judgment. In this sense I would appreciate some support:

      – Does anyone know these software?

      – Are they able to offer high-features to my intending usage?

      – Which one is the better? Does anyone have other software recommendation?

      Thanks indeed in advance,

      My notebook configuration: Dell Vostro, Intel Corei5, 6GB RAM, Video Graphics
      AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1GB/128-bit.

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      Take a look at Sony’s Movie Studio HD Platinum. It’s easy to work with and has a relatively flat learning curve. Sony has an excellent users forum on which you can post questions and get answers almost immediately. (Google “Sony Users Forums) One big advantage to this is that as you become more proficient in your use of Movie Studio you can move up to Sony Vegas Pro without having to relearn everything.

      The Corel product you refer to is good but more limited than Movie Studio. I’m not a fan of CyberLink tools and personally would stay away from them, but that’s just a matter of personal taste. I haven’t actually worked with Power Director, only their DVD player.

      Programs such as Adobe’s Suite and Sony Vegas are expensive, have a very steep learning curve, and probably have a great many more features that you’re going to need for some time to come.


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      I have installed Vegas Movie Studio HD
      Platinum 11 and PowerDirector 10 and I am doing some tests.

      It seems Vegas, although having a tough interface, have more resources and offer
      more features to make movies

      Could anyone inform if Vegas is able to handle
      (if possible I would appreciate to know the path to achieve the features/tools
      as well):

      a) Is it possible to attach any identification
      to parts of video or audio tracks, in order to identify easier these parts in a
      big project? For instance, attaching to tracks labels “interview 1”,
      “interview 2” etc. and after that to search/find these labels in an
      easy way.

      b) Is there any way to insert astrip/band with letters that is used to
      introduce someone? (e.g. name / profession / organization that appear when
      person is presented => John / Manager / Acme Inc.). The strip/band is showed
      just for few seconds.

      c) Is there any way to insert subtitles precisely?

      d) Theres a Vegas version labeled Vegas
      Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite. It seems the more difference is that
      Sound Forge Audio Studio software is included together. Do you know if Vegas
      native tools (without Sound Forge) are capable to handle audio editing in a
      good way?

      Thanks for information,


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      Today I had a very intensive contact with Vegas. This is my
      choice for sure!

      About former posted questions, I isn’t necessary to reply. I could identify them and Vegasfits great to support my intent usage.

      I think a
      lot of reviews are getting crazy classifying Vegas Platinum worse than other
      very limited edition software I had opportunity to test by myself.



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       Cadu, congratulations on your choice of software. As Jack mentioned you should be able have your questions about Vegas MS answered on Sony creative software site. There is also a good number of Vegas users on the forum who will be eager to help you. Hope you find this software useful

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