Aspect ratio differes in FCP viewer and canvas

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I am putting together a video and when I bring in my files to the timeline, notice that they are full frame in the viewer, but in the canvas window they are widescreen (The black bars show up on top and bottom)

All my settings appear to be correct for this project. I really wanted to have it full frame, but no bars. Is there a way I can get that back without having to re-capture the footage.

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Provided you have ALL your settings correct your project will be/should be full frame on your NTSC monitor. Your canvass window shows ALL the real estate, but the black bars should be in the non-visible area once you output to product viewed on a standard television set, or Quicktime or whatever.

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Create a new Sequence and drop and clip into it. FCP should automatically ask you if you want the Sequence Settings to match the clip. Click 'Yes' and everything should fit just fine. After doing this, if you're working with a compressed format like XDCam or AVCHD, change the Sequence Compressor to ProRes