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      I need to shoot lifestyle shots of a product in use for on-line promotion. I would likeshoot talent in various settings i.e. restaurants,upscale LR/kitchens, office, etc. How do you find locations for interior home shots? Have tried family and immediate friends homes, butnot suitable. Do you typically pay for shooting in residental home or commercial business and should I have owner sign release sheet?

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      Depending on your area there are professional ‘location scouts’ available who may be familiar with the region your wanting to shoot in. If you’re doing this on the way cheap, then you’re going to have to burn some shoe leather and do some horsetrading with local real estate agents who may have lines on homes with the types of features you’re looking for.

      Yes you do have to pay a location scout. You should be able to negotiate some kind of quid pro quo with your local real estate agents (photos and or video of the properties their trying to sell for access to shoot them and permission to use them for your endeavor.)

      Yes on signing a release form for both the real estate agent and any individual you work out a deal with clearly stating that for whatever compensation, they give you permission to use the imagery you get for your project. Make sure everything is in writing so if somebody gets bent later, you’ll have documentation on what was what. However you do it, don’t try to get stuff for free without giving them a ‘reach around’ and don’t give them anything without getting what you came for.

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      Thanks for the advise – just trying to keep it fair for everyone!

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