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      My two cents, on an oft passionate subject? I’ve been using Sony PCM-D50’s for my dual source audio for the last 6-8 months, and I’m here to tell you, these units are the cats pajama’s. I say this, having a decades long background in audio-recording, in not only my own years long accumulation of pro audio-gear, but working in the area’s two performing arts universities full blown studios. Nutshell: Spend the extra money, and get this unit. Mics are gorgouse, on par with any pro stereo set, short of ribbon and tube mics,a/d converters crystal clean, flawless limiter, and overall, seemingly indestructable.

      I’m personally equipped for any recording situation, from bar band to orchestra, with any number of road rigs that can make an audiophile blush, but for a run n gun guerilla, the D50’s will hold their ownagainst anything,but the mostsubstantial audio kit. It’s very clear why this unit has held it’s price point for years. I see many here looking for “mixers”, and mics, pre-amps, DI boxes, adaptors, and such. I would posit, they may not understand the threshold they’re crossing, by getting into audio tracking, and have to imagine onesfocus on video is compromised then, to some degree. Don’t let the lack of XLR inputs deter either. There’s an old saying in the recording industry, that the answer to any issue, is more ’57. ( as in SM57’s ). If I can or need to mic, in the nearfield, I run a binaural adaptor cable, with a 57. No phantom required, and outside of acoustic instruments, the expanded freqs of condensors are gonna be compressed and edited out anyway.Seems video people are as prone to gas ( gear aqusition syndrome ) as audiophiles. Keep it simple.

      Anyway, that’s my rant. You’ll save yourself headaches, with this unit.

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      You say “spend the extra money” and in this business that can often be very appropriate. I would suggest sharing the “extra money” you had to spend to purchase a pair of Sony PCM-D50’s.

      On the other hand, some folks simply cannot afford to “spend the extra money” and for them, while excellence and quality certainly are at the end of the rainbow, they find themselves needing to spend in the range of “as good as it gets” for their audio acquisition needs.

      Good post. Good comments. Good products.

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      And I thought I was the only one spending bird day in my fortress of solitude. Coincidence Earl, as I had considered calling you, but figured it would be rude on the holiday!! Mike in Wisconsin here, happy bird day!!

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      Cool Mike. I had no idea. Small world. Yes, all my family is in Texas – I’m the one who wanted to expand and explore the world beyond Podunk, Texas. That, and my best friend and video associate is spending Thanksgiving Day with her husband, daughters, grandchildren and family at her daughter’s home (I usually get an invite or a care package after the family dinner – I don’t usually go because I do not want to intrude on other families special days. It’s a personal thing) so here I am, finishing up the mechanicals on my funeral book, working on other production details, and taking a break from all that to peruse the boards and net for those of us who have no birds to burn or pies to bake, or wonderful tablefuls of food to devour with a bunch of other people.

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      Birds of a feather. My 13 year old son, is at his grammies for the big spread. Personally, any day spent in jammies and slippers, is a holiday for me, so happy holiday!! Looking forward to coming on board VST, if the invite holds now that my mask is off!! Side note, yours is some of the most consistent, common sensical, and concise advise in here. Prolly applied in more then a few areas of production, for me. Salute and salamat..

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      We’re all good people, Mike. And we all have our individual personalities, our interests, our way of approaching life and people. There are mean and nasties. There are goofy and cute. There are gonzo, bozo and godzilla types, but we’re all people. Sometimes I can handle a certain acerbic, over-principled, narrow-minded and obstinate individual. Other times they make the East Texas redneck in me want to wade in, fists flying.

      You are not perceived in any of the above specified categories, Mike, just saying … πŸ˜‰

      It takes a SHARP TACK to make a brand stick and that is how I perceive you. When you’re ready to fly you’ll be most welcome as part of the Video StoryTellers! program. Thanks also for the approval rating. Appreciated. All my best …

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      Hello Gentlemen

      My name is Joe and I am a young audio engineer emenating from Toronto, Canada. I recently purchased an AT 40/50 as well as some Rode NT5’s and NT1’s. These mics represent the type of budget I have to work with. Can you suggest other mics that are of similar value, how are theAKGC series or is it worth it to go all out with Neuman? Thanks for your time.

      Joey Z.

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      Hi Joe…personally, the lesson I learned in recording live concerts, is to buy in pairs, so take your budget, split it in two, and buy two. AKG would be more realistic in this regard. That said, you’ll certainly want your “baby”, in a nice ribbon or tube mic, but for me, these spend most of their time in their cases, as opposed to the “field soldiers” I used for concerts. I think you’ll find, having mics matched in characteristics, makes for a much more”buttery” recording. I’d posit yours is a good start, with Rode. Stick with them, get a Neuman or such for soloists, and studio work.

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