Are you using USB 3.0 for video editing?

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      Hi All,

      I’ve been using FireWire800 for the past 6 years, and eSATA more recently.

      USB 2.0 was simply never good for streaming video playback, due to the technical specs.

      Are you using USB 3.0? Is it any good for HD video? I’ve found surprisingly little info on this topic.

      Happy Editing,


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      I know BlackMagic Design has I/O options that implement the USB3.0 connection, so I assume the connection is quite capable. However, I still haven’t found whether or not USB3.0 transfers data as packets (like USB2.0) or if it’s a steady, constant stream (like FW800 and eSATA).

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      Thanks Rob,

      I’l check out BlackMagic. I’m toying with the thought of adding USB3.0 to my MacBook Pro (with ExpressCard expansion slot).

      I guess the hunt is still on for detailed specs…

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      I am still not using USB 3.0 for video editing. But, is our newer USB 3.0 spec good for video editors?

      The jury still seems to be out. USB 3.0 surely is faster than USB 2.0, but no self-respecting video editor uses USB 2.0 for video editing, anyway.

      Here are two links:

      Helmut Kobler writes,

      “As I said earlier, USB3 performance is limited to the slowest device in your data chain. In this case, that’s the laptop’s slow internal bus and hard drive.”

      Doug Dixon writes,

      “…simple file copies in Windows Explorer with the drive connected via the ExpressCard USB 3.0 interface were around two to three times faster than connecting via the built-in USB 2.0 ports on the same laptop.”

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