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      Videoguys’ Blu-ray Disc Bundles

      It Looks Like a Blu Christmas!
      The early retail reports are in from Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Blu-ray Disc players are one of this season’s must have consumer electronics items! We went shopping at our local stores on Black Friday and we could not believe how many folks were checking out with a Blu-ray Disc player in their cart. Even more were asking questions including:

      1. What cables do I need to hook up to my HDTV up for the best quality?
        Videoguys’ answer: A good quality HDMI cable which doesn’t have to cost you $100. We sell high-quality 3 meter HDMI cables for just $29.95!
      2. What big movies are available on Blu-ray Disc?
        Videoguys’ favorites include: The Godfather and The Matrix anthologies and we’re looking forward to Lord of the Rings (which is in the works)
      3. What is the best movie with the new advanced BD-Live interactivity?
        Videoguys’ answer: The answer to this may change with each new movie released but currently Warner’s first blockbuster release with BD-Live is Batman: The Dark Night and the features are amazing! You can even set up an online chat community and watch the movie with friends across the globe!
      4. Will stores be getting in any more of the under-$249 Blu-Ray players?
        Videoguys’ answer Yes, it looks like these are the new price points for the holiday season and several manufacturers’ are committed to that entry-level price. However, we really recommend spending a few dollars more to get a player that is firmware upgradeable so you will continue to get all of the cool new features being added to this technology. (Tip: Look first for a player with an Ethernet or USB port and then double check the specs)
      5. How can I put my own HD footage from onto Blu-ray Disc?
        Videoguys’ answer: That’s when you leave your big-box retail store and call at 800 323-232! You’ll need to add a Blu-ray disc burner like the Pioneer BDR-202 to your Mac or PC along with the software to support it.

      Videoguys has all the information and products you need to put your HD videos onto Blu-ray!!
      PC or Mac, internal or external, high end or beginner we have the tools for the job!

      Check out the Videoguys’ Newest Blu-ray Disc Bundles!


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