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      Absolutely! πŸ™‚

      So yeah, I’ve been gone for the last week and change for the most part. I had a couple big projects, my "day job" with the nonprofit I work with (though I make a lot more in videography, the nonprofit is still my "day job". Go figure πŸ™‚ ), and in general I was pretty busy.

      But This last weekend was the wedding expo. It was in a good-sized town, and there were probably 500 brides there over the course of the day.

      We had a couple special deals for expo visitors. We offered to knock 15% off the full price if they booked during the expo, and 10% off through the end of this week. It’s a good enough discount that people would notice, but not so big that it would kill us.

      Anyway, we had two couples sign up on the spot at the expo after watching our demo, and one of them requested out top of the line (e.g. almost $3000) package! We gave out almost 25 info packets to couples who were very interested. On top of that, today, not even 24 hours after the end of the expo, we’ve had four calls on the business line for information and date availability.

      And to add icing to the wedding cake, We also met several other photographers and other vendors who are going to list us in their directories as references, AND we now have a list of all the brides (and a few grooms) who popped by our booth.

      In short, it turned out VERY well! With what it cost us to get into the expo, we needed to book one of our basic wedding packages with a couple extras, or one of our upper tier packages to break even. The first couple booked a basic package with one extra, and we were basically at the break-even point. Then the second one came by. All in all, even if we don’t book another wedding due to the expo, we made almost $2000 on it as-is.

      Man, I love these expos. Every time I go to one I come back feeling excited. πŸ™‚

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      That’s great, and very timely. I’ve been debating whether or not to participate in a local expo. Thanks.

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