Are there widescreen options for Panasonic AG-DVC 200?

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      Does anyone on this forum know how I can get my Panasonic AG-DVC200 camera to shoot in widescreen, either with an anamorphic adapter or some other way?

      Thanks! It is much appreciated.


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      Do you still have your Panasonic DVC200P?

      I was thinking about picking up a used one and wanted some feedback from individuals who are using or have used this camcorder in the past.

      Would you recommend picking up this camcorder? I primarily shoot weddings only 4 to 5 per year, so low volume.

      I am concerned about quality, video capturing, etc.

      I am assuming this would be an improvement from my Panasonic SVHS camcorder but wanted your opinion.

      Thanks, Steve

      I was thinking about going HD but wasn’t sure if I wanted to make that leap yet.

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