Are there any good Prosumer Camcorders

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      I’m sure this question has been asked many timesbefore! I am interested in knowing if a Prosumer camcorder exists in the $2000.00 price range, that has a professional appearance,Fairly good sound recording, and good picture quality, even in lower light situations, or am I just fooling myself thatthis could be out there.

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      Well there is the HDR-FX7 from Sony its a good camera, also I have the Sony HVR-Hd 1000 it works well good camera and looks professional both 2000.00 and less

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      Its funny that daryldrj mentioned those two cameras, I have both of them and am very pleased with both. Niether have the XLR audio inputs but I have adapted a couple of shotgun mic’s and I also have a small mixer the I can utilize depending on what I am doing.

      I have not tried either camera under extreme low light conditions yet. Most of what I shoot is under controled lighting or outdoors. Both are CMOS sensors with the FX7 being a 3 chip and the HD 1000 being a single chip.

      Pansonic has a couple of cameras that are in the price range that are supposed to be pretty good but I have only read reviews.

      I would say it it all about researching the cameras in the price range and knowing the type of video’s that you are trying to produce. There are usually plenty of on line reviews as well as people posting sample shoots with the cameras. You can usually search UTUBE by camera and find some samples.

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      The Panasonic HMC40 is worth a second look. Check it out HERE

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      Well I have the Sony HVR-HD 1000 it does fine in low light no complaints I also have the Sony HDR_Fx1 which I like better but it cost more than 2000.00 My Friend had one of the Sony VX 2000 which seems to have better low light than mine but then they do not have HD so its give and take

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      Thanks for the help Guys, at least I now have some models to start looking at. One thing I notice, when you read reviews on these camcorders, the magazine reviews and sites like C net reviews usuallygive them high marks all around, but when you read actual user reviews, they knock them in all directions especially in the audio functions.

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      5-time EventDV 25 all-star event filmmakers Mark & Trisha Von Lankens offer an in-depth look at the Panasonic HMC40.

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      You can find FX1s cheap now on ebay. You can probaly find two of em for your price range with a little patience. I love em. Great with audio… wonderful in low light. Ya can’t kill em either.

      Lord knows I’ve tried.

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      About a month ago, my HP laptop crashed and the motherboard was toast. I also had to get a desktop for my video film making work. The advice from the experts (4) was this: Get the most powerful, loaded biggest machine possible. So I did. On both counts.

      Sure it cost money, but the results, the reliablity, the performance are outstanding. It was worth the money big time.

      The same goes for cameras and software. I have a new Sony Z5 and Sony Vegas 9 (6 months now) and the training discs from VASST and Vortex to got with them. I’ve had a Sony VX 1000 and a JVC HD camera, but I will tell you from experience, this Z5 and Vegas 9 is the best out and out winner hands down. Compared the Canon XS-A1 or whatever the equivalent is, there is no comparison. Not even close. Even compared to FCP, the Sony is amazing. I am sticking with Sony not only because of their reputation, but they have a mandate to make the best there is and will get better. I like that. It breeds confidence in the future.

      You might not find a Z5 on ebay because nobody wants to sell them – they are that good and brand new. I recently did a theatre stage film shoot (7 hrs) in lousy lighting. The colours were stunning and all of this at 0 and -3db in HD. The viewers were stunned at the quality.

      Here is what you need. 20X zoom. XLR audio (or get a Beachtek adapter – they are the best). A HD viewing screen. Lots of choices when it comes to format recording (this does 24 different formats), simplicity and reasonable cost.

      The downsides with the Z5? It needs another 3-6 assign buttons, because of the 1/3 chips, has a low depth of field, and a rather lousy menu scroll wheel. The buttons are too recessed as well. It runs on mini dV tapes, but you can get either a chip back or a HD back as an option. But get around that and you have one hell of a camera and will never regret it.

      If you find it still expensive – get a Canon 5D still camera and go with movie mode. It will deliver stunning images, with any lens you want, get a beachtek adapter for this camera and you will now have XDR inputs. I will be doing that for those shots where I need shallow depth of field.

      Good luck


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      I am also wondering about the older type cassette Camcorders, even though some of them are HD are the imagesas good with these cameras, as it would be on the newer tapeless HD fulldigital rigs? and alsoare there big differences in editing.

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      I’m not a pro but I’ve used both tape and digital. I prefer digital–just put the card in, copy and paste, and you can edit or back it up or whatever you want, and there’s no boxes of tape to store.

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      Remember Guys He said he had 2000.00 dollars that is it! Grinner love my FX-1 and mine like yours it just keeps going, and going, and going

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      More of a “Consumer” cam than a “Prosumer” cam, try the Canon HFS21 – lacks some of the flexibility but has an amazing picture quality for the money, Just a thought!!

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      HFS1Dude, does the HFS10 record in AVCHD? What file type (mts, m2ts, etc.) does it record in?

      Just curious, thanks.

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