Are ENG cameras distracting in event videography?

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      Hey, i have a GY-HM700U JVC camcorder. Im going to a pretty low key 23 or 25 person wedding reception and wanted to know if it would be overkill to bring that. The alternative would be an unconventional DSLR (canon t2i 550d). I’m thinking just to take the ENG because the DSLR would be way to hard to focus, etc.

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      The camera alone isn’t THAT distracting. Distraction, other than someone coming in with enough gear and harness stuff, crew, lights on stands, and more, to look like Robocop and his entourage that’s distracting. A professional, operating an ENG unit who knows how to handle such a rig without personally appearing to be an ENG (or dudess) working for a local station shouldn’t be worried.

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