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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I actually didn’t have a complete idea of the power of the Adobe products. Check out this video

      I will definitely use this video to tell clients that I have similar video editor tools that Avatar used to make the movie. I will consider adding this video for my next wave of promo DVD.


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      “I actually didn’t have a complete idea of the power of the Adobe


      Not much of what you see on TV, theaters or on the ‘Net gets made without Adobe software in the pipeline. There are some good companies that make stuff that rivals some of Adobe Products (Sonic Foundry’s ‘NUKE’ and Auto Desk’s ‘Combustion’ pop to mind), but even they usually get used with Photoshop and several other Adobe based programs.

      Yeah, I guess it’s an idea to let your client’s know you use similar software that was used on ‘AVATER’ (purposely spelled incorrectly). However, don’t give them the impression you have the same computing power and resources unless you do. Believe it or not, you have just with your basic setup more computing power and capabilities than George Lucas and Ron Howard did when they made the movie ‘Willow’! I was just watching the ‘making of video’ and at that time the big deals were the blue screen effects and ‘Morphing’ (which was invented by ILM). Please, if I could roll out the Time Machine and take my main editor back with me, I guarantee my name would be up there with GL’s no prob!

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      “don’t give them the impression you have the same computing power”

      I wish I could have that computer power with me. I will work hard to get me a decent one some day and not only that, a team that can make things happen also (without them is impossible to make things happen) I was impressed, After Effects in real time….wow… that must need a lot of computing power and the textures were made in Photoshop (imagine the hundreds of hours in the making)

      I can agree that Avatar had impressive special effects, but I didn’t like the movie so much. I saw it in 3D, I wear glasses (I cannot see anything that is too far away without them) and the 3D glasses above my prescribe glasses for 3 hours was an horrible experience. I remember that for some reason tears came out from my eyes a few times (and it wasn’t because of the “Smurf” losing their big tree), my eyes felt like burning after like 45 minutes with the 3D glasses on (I took them off several times). What I want to say with this is that you can have insane special effects, made with one of the best software, without ever going out of a studio to record real places (making absolutely all in computer) and recording everything in greenscreen will begin to degrade movies and their essence. Not to mention the hard time actors must had trying to “chromakey” the green in their mind to have some feeling of where they were and what they were doing. For does of you who like acting be advise that in the future acting curriculum will have ACTING 901 (Greenscreen Acting) 🙂

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      “… 3D glasses above my prescribe glasses for 3 hours was an horrible


      I can believe that. I personally think 3D in it’s current form is retarded and not much better than those ancient stereoscopic viewfinders they used back during the turn of the 20th century. The only diff is they move now and make you want to puke faster.

      However, to paraphrase an old Star Trek ep, ‘in order to get to transistors we first have to figure out how to use stone knives and bearskins.’ In order to get to ‘true 3D’ tech we will have to suffer through this crap that isn’t any better than those hokey 3D movies they used to show in the 1950’s. Personally, I think it should go away. I mean, have you seen 8k? I saw 6k in ’07 and it was phenomenal. I’ve seen IMAX as well and I’m sure in 3D it is something to behold. But call me when I don’t need external hardware to view it.

      Despite the mad rush towards 3D, it’s still a gimmick. By the time everyone is in a position to make the transition to 3D, there’ll be something else jumping up to take it’s place and everyone will be scrambling to get onboard just like now. Right now I’m gassed about tech I can actually use like the new rendering engine Adobe’s getting ready to put out. The tech has finally gotten to the point where guys like us with some talent, skill and a few resources can turn out stuff that can qualitatively rival much of what Hollywood can offer.

      3D is cool and all, but if you’re not writing compelling stories that will engage audiences even ‘Smellovision’ ain’t gonna’ help.

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