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I am looking for a way to simutaneously show a dvd (Blu_ray or Standard Def) and record it to an external hard drive at the same time. Is there a blu-ray player that enables external hard drives to be connected for recording purposes and if so will the dual operation of show/record degrade the quality of the video output.

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Your Blu-ray/DVD player has outgoing connections. Theseare used to hook up to the TV, LCD or other devices that you watch. I believe that if your player has numerous ones, usually in different formats (HDMI, composite, component, S-video, etc) you could hook up one of these additional outputs to your recording device and watch/record at the same time. The quality of the recording might be affected by the connection thatis used (HDMI-probably the best,others-probably not as good).Another consideration might include if the material being watched is copyright protected there might be questions if it is possible or lawful to do. I think it all boils down to how many and what types of outgoing connections your Blu-ray/DVD player has.