archiving vhs to mini-dv?

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      I just recently purchasedthe Sony DCR HC 48 Handycam… after scouringApple’s iMoviediscussion boards, it appears as though I will NOT be able to transfer VHS footage digitally using this camcorder as a pass through. This is definitely a problem for me, as I was hoping to archive many VHS tapes to mini-dv. The emphasis is to archive to mini-dv as opposed to importing all vhs footage directly into iMovie, which could ultimately tie up my internal hard drive (I would like to go through the tapes and edit them at a later date).

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      If I buy an analog to digital converter, do you know if I can somehow transfer the vhs to a mini-dv cassette with this approach? Again, I would prefer not to directly copy footage into the computer. What about investing in a vcr/mini-dv unit such as the one linked below? It appears as though they are no longer manufacturing these but, given my situation, and the number of tapes I am hoping to archive (and eventually edit), it may be a wise purchase.<wbr></wbr>-VS30U-Mini-DV-S-VHS-VCR<wbr></wbr>_W0QQitemZ110189573382QQihZ001Q<wbr></wbr>QcategoryZ3318QQssPageNameZWDVW<wbr></wbr>QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

      Please write when you have a moment. Thank you in advance for your assistance… much appreciated!!!



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      I have a Canopus ADVC-100, it works great.

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      The ADVC-100 is great, but I believe it over $200. I would recommend buying an older DV camera with analog inputs and using it asthe converter. I recently found one at a pawn shop for $50 and it works great for converting my VHS.

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