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      to anyone who can answer my question on here i have a brief question about storing archival mini dv tapes well as of right now i have all the tapes in a fireproof safe inside of there plastic cases while also being inside of a bigger plastic box now i had also heard that its not really smart to store them in a fireproof safe because there humid inside but to counter this i also put one of those little silica gel packets in every big plastic container containing the mini dv tapes in there plastic cases to stop the humidity all i really need to know is that if this is a good way of doing this?

      any responses would be greatly appreciated

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      the best way to archive is to have multiple copies of your archived material. Keep one set of copies at your work, another set of copies at home, one set of copies at grandma’s place, and so on.

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      Hard Drives here, original MiniDVs at studio; backup original AND final productions on DVDs at grandma’s house πŸ™‚

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I chunk em in a box.

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      I just store everything on a bunch of P2 cards since they are so economical and reliable…I then proceed hence forth to place the tapes within a time capsule at an unregistered location…

      but, i would just recommend the the standard grandma’s house back up solution…

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      Fireproof safe is okay with the silica gel. I do agree with the others, you should have raw clips backed up on hard drives for ready access and to spare yourself the task of having to redigitize. Permanent copies of completed projects on DVD’s is also a very good idea. All my grandma’s have ‘moved on’ so stashing tapes at their house ain’t an option. Besides, you wouldn’t want to lose them because your gm accidentally threw them out during one of her ‘cleaning urges’.

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      Well,, I read a good article not long ago and looked it up and here is the link.

      Hope it does some good for anyone.I enjoyed it


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