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      Hello folks,

      I would like to find a software that can manage, like a database, avchd files. I use Sony Content Management Utility and Vegas Pro 9, but it’s not really easy and not a efficient way to find a specific video among hundreds of video files.

      I just came back from a three weeks trip in Philipines with 11 hours of videos with my Sony NX5U.

      I would like, before importing those files in my NLE, to rename them, classified them with keywords and others parameters. Furthermore, it would be necessary for me to make a quick search in my video database for something specific.

      I hope that someone could understand this post, because english is not my first language.

      Thank you


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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Adobe Bridge is an excellent content management software with many metadata features. Sadly is not a standalone software so you need to have another Adobe program.

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      I too am looking for some way to save AVCHD and have easy access. I am looking to saveto an external hard drive. I would be interested in some information for this application. Would the samesolution work for my situation as well.

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      My sony camcorders came with software called Picture Motion Browser. I don’t know if you can get it from sony website, but google it and see “download picture motion browser” see what ya get. I think it’s a great app for indexing and displaying your videos, including avchd which mine are mostly. you can set it to expand clips to show a frame every 5 seconds, 10, 30, 1 min and etc. After it analyzes your clips you can have it display like this or you can click a button and just see 1 thumbnail for each. With the clips expanded you can search easily for the exact moment you’re after, even if the event only lasted 5 seconds. Actually, i’ve been surprised not to hear from others on the value of PMB. I archive my video on hard drives that can be kept connected, allowing me to easily peruse my videos clear back to 2002 when i started shooting. It seems that when you archive on removable discs, like blu ray or standard dvd they go into an album or onto a spindle in stacks and to look at em ya have to find them, load,spin and then you still don’t know where an event is on there except for the thumbnails you attach to the menu chapters or the moving video chapter titles. With PMB it’s simple to keep these things readily accessible. I’m sure there are other apps out there that do this or even better, but this is the one i’m familiar with.

      Hope this helps with your interest.


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      I have a simple system.

      I shoot with my d-slr or iphone alongside my video cameras.

      I use aperture on my mac to add all the keywords and metadata from the shoot to my photos and video clips from the phone/d-slrs…

      I use Imovie to import my video creating dated files for each import.

      If I have trouble finding an archived shoot, I simple search for the images in aperture then look up the corresponding date in imovie. once I got the file in imovie I export the xml file and open finalcut.

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      On a Windows based system I use the following,

      The latest version Googles Picasa

      After it scans the drive(s) for videos, it displays thumbnails by folder for your review. You can click on a thumbnail for a rough playback to further determine the video content; sort the files by drag and drop, and allows alternate tags to them for future searches and sorts. It also has a level of face recognition technology allowing you to tag contents based on people in them.

      I also use a program called Duplicate Cleaner

      This program scans files for selectable parameters. It presents a list of possible duplicate files in sectioned form that you can click and run to confirm true duplicate status and delete those you dont need.

      Both have helped me maintain my file library.<span id=”_marker”></span>

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      SgtWelsh and Videoman, looking at your need again, I promise you, you will be delighted with the program Picture Motion Browser I’ve described above. In addition, it displays your video/photos (you can have it show both or just one or the other) in a calendar mode or by your registered folders, just with a click. When you archive on hard drives you’ll always be able to go right to the clip and even the exact frame you want because it expands your video upon request down to every 5th frame! Capture frames from the video and have the perfect smile, the perfect split second, from your subject every time. You can trim clips and quickly save them along with the original or delete the original right there within this program. If you want metadata to display, as some have mentioned, that’s there too. VideoMan, you work with AVCHD. You can burn AVCHD discs from within PMB with a chapter created for each video file or for each date. The menu background choice is limited, but the discs created have always looked and played beautifully for me.

      Good Luck,


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      papaterry, thanks for the info and the recommendation for using Picture Motion Browser. When I initially bought my Sony camcorder it came with PMB and I used it to import files into my computer to be used with a Roxio NLE. I had problems with the Roxio product editing HD footage (computer lockups etc.)and I had to ‘cleanup’ my computer to get rid of the Roxio. I switched to Sony Vegas Movie Studio as my NLE and I didn’t reload the PMB. I usedVMS for importing from my camcorder because it worked so easily.I will have to revisit using PMB for importing from my camcorder and using the files in VMS (I like all the tools in VMS for producing my videos). I plan to save my files from PMB to the external hard drive. I will have to explore all the tools in PMB for file management.

      Thanks again for your time and information.

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      I am in full agreement with papaterry. PMB is awesome for both stills pics and video. It identifies most video types and is extremely user friendly. You will not be dissapointed. Whats quiet nice also, depending what you are working on you can select to view either only photos or only video, or of course both.

      papaterry do you know if there is a limit to the number of videos etc PMB can manage? I also have a massive video and stills collection dating back to 1986 when I purchased my first video camera.

      Guys I see you refer to archieving! Is there a difference between backing up / saving / archiving ?


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      in my case archiving are the ones I have chosen or picked. Since those video or pics are the really ones I like and appreciate much. But I normally back all things up just to get insure to all my copies.

      Haley@video editing


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      My practice

      Backing up tends to apply to that that you constanly use and update, such as your main harddrive. As you add programs and files to the drive you would want to back it up on a regular basis so that, should ill winds blow, you would have a sourceto recreate that replacement harddrive. A backup could be an archive.

      Archiving is more towards historical storage. You would archive the little used files or those that take up tons of drive space,that you still want to keep, off your harddrive for possiblefuture use and to free up that drive space.

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      rob– Sorry not to reply sooner; been away. I have at times had multiple hard drives full of video — standard def, hi def, tons of jpegs, all in pmb, all indexed, analyzed and ready to look at any time. As far as i can tell, there’s no limitation within the software itself.

      “archive” is a word i use to say stored and kept forever. i backup then keep all my videos on external hard drives, which, when plugged in, allow PMB to display all those analyzed clips, down to 10 frames at a time if ya wish


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      Select all files, hit F2, and type in a name for all of the avchd files

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      Interesting:  Unless someone knows the exact download for SONY's PMB, Googleing it shows up as a download from SONY Support ,BUT it is only for VAIO computers from Sony.  I downloaded the PMB file and attempted an install on my WIndows 7, 64-bit machine; the installer checks the system and detects whether or not its running on a SONY Vaio computer.  My PC in not a VAIO so it does not install.  So, unless you know the exact download location for a non-VAIO specific version don't waste your time downloading and trying to install PMB.  If anyone knows the correct download link for the non-VAIO version it would be helpful the provide here.  Thanks. 

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      UPDATE ON SONY PMB (Picture Motion Browser) :  Some recommendations in this thread were to download SONY's PMB (Picture Motion Browser) to manage video files.  After additional research I have uncovered the fact that SONY's PMB (and supporting software) will no longer be available effective September 30th 2014.  In its place will be SONY's PlayMemories software. I've never used SONY's PMB so I have no idea how the new PlayMemories correlates to PMB, if at all.  If you're currently using PMB SONY recommneds migrating to the new PlayMemories software.  You can get further info on PlayMemories at this link:



      The PlayMemories website is at:



      Hope this helps.


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      Thank you Cinemapete for your advise.



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      I have thousands of videos. My app can pick a random video then play a random segment.


      To archive video I group large text along with a predefined video segment that it describes. I can search for those groupings by keyword or have it play randomly.


      It has a fast forward option so I can check out large files for specific segments.

      Nobody has better access to their digital info than me.


      No guru anywhere can touch this.

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