Apple’s “Grid” Commercial

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      Hi guys, I’m relatively new to these forums, so bear with me if I ask some rather stupid questions here.

      I’m creating a video to promote a club at my high school, and I really want to create a parody of this ipod touch commercial.

      I don’t really have a green screen (though I could make one), nor do I have like 12+ ipod touches (I can get ~3-5 for the filming). I was wondering how they created that wall of ipods in the background that play music/videos/pictures inside the screens? Is there a guide to doing this? The programs available to me are Premiere Pro CS4, AE CS3, Vegas 8. I am most comfortable with Vegas 8, as I’ve been using it since v.5.

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      in Vegas you’ll use some masking and track motion, you’ll need a parent track in 3d source alpha to use 3d track motion to set the scene. you’ll have to video yourdevices and then use pan crop and/or track motion to place the desired video or photo in the proper area.


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