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      Is there any debate on which is the better system to do video editing? Is Apple truely the clear leader? Is anyone having success with windows based PCs for video editing?

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      Just get lots of CPU and RAM – both platforms have their pros and cons. You need horsepower to edit video (to truly enjoy the process!)

      I’m a mac user myself, and I love the simplicity of iMovie (limited to a single video track though.) I can edit raw footage in minutes instead of hours – I’m talking home video editing (birthday’s, holiday’s, etc.) But for something more serious, it’s Final Cut Express (I can’t afford Final Cut Pro.)

      On the windows side, there are plenty of folks here who do top notch, professional work with Adobe Premiere and other software apps as well. But again, it is my opinion that either way, you get more pleasure when the computer has plenty of horsepower to work with your video. Lots of CPU, RAM, and HD space for editing. And I believe it’s a good idea to have a dedicated HD for storage (separate from the HD that the OS is installed on.)


      P.S. You can load a licensed copy of Windows on today’s intel macs – so you could have both platforms if you want!

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      I believe that Apple is indeed the class leader when it comes to video production in the low end and the high end. Premiere and vegas seem to fight out the middle. In the low end every apple computer has imovie and idvd standard and a firewire port. So every computer has a decent software package and all the hardware you need to make a great editing system. On the high end there is Final Cut which has become a break out leader in the mid range to high end. Also of course Avid is the market leader in the high end (which may not be the case for long as FCP is gaining ground and may has definitly blown them away in many markets) (also avid is available on PC and macs some software is PC only too) If you look at most pro job postings they ask for mac experience. In my experience at least. 3 out of the pro video houses and television stations i have worked for were mac houses. The place I work at now is PC based but all of my co workers have macs at home. PCs work very well though all this being said. Windows is a very capable OS and teamed with Avid or premiere it can make a great video editing system. With the latest developments with Apple switching to intel and being able to boot windows I would say it is a no brainer to go with a mac. Like the guy before me said though lots of hardware will make a great system mac or windows. If you plan on working in the pro market I would get a mac just so you can say that you have experience with it incase it ever comes up in an interview.

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      Apple works great.

      macbook 2ghz
      1 gig ram
      iMovie and iDVD for easy quick’n dirty editing and burning
      FCExpress and DVD studio pro for serious editing and burning
      FCExpress also comes with livetype and soundtrack which are sweet apps.

      Get a larger monitor! You’ll need it. I have a 19" crt monitor.

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      Thanks for all the replys – all the input is helpful.

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