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      I have a few questions still regarding Apple Motion & Shake….

      Will Apple Motion 2 work with Final Cut Express? I’d imagine I’d just have to do a lot of saving and importing as the work flow may not be ideal. But for an editor on a budget, I would think that this could work out just fine.

      Also, what exactly is Shake? I hear about it’s integration with Final Cut Studio, but I still have no idea exactly what it does…

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      I use Shakeextensively. Don’t be pulled in to the trap of thinking Motion AE and Shake should becomparedtoeach-other. They aredifferentthings alltogether. They can all do the same things (with some work), butshouldn’t.


      • Motion/movingGrafix/images/video around
      • Fast/quick results

      Use it for:

      • SimpleimpressivelookingIntros
      • Titles
      • Lower Thirds
      • Manipulating moving grafix


      • Compositing
      • Keying
      • Cleaningup a video and colorcorrection
      • Speed (comparedto other composting apps)

      Use it for:

      • Green and blue screen
      • Setextensions
      • AdvancedCompositing
      • AdvancedIntros andgraphicscenes
      • GeneralVFX
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      Oh, and add Fancy Transitions to the Motion list.

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