Apple losing their touch?

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      Does anyone else feel like Apple is loosing their touch?

      Their laptop screens and new displays have a glass surface, which creates an annoying glare. My roommate just got an iMac and he said he can see himself in the screen while he’s working. Apparently you can pay $50 for a reflection resistant coating or something like that, but why should someone pay more money for something as simple as not having a crappy, glaring screen.

      They are creating pointless features. For instance, who needs this Genius thing in iTunes? Does anyone really need iTunes for find music for them?

      Does anyone think Time Capsule is anything special? I mean, I’ve never accidently deleted something. If I need to back something up, I’ll back it up myself.

      I just skimmed through the MacWorld 09 video on their site and came across a point where the speaker is introducing a new feature. He sets it up my saying something along the lines of, “Have you ever tried to get a lot of work done but you keep gettinginterruptedby iChat or you have emails coming in? Well, we have this new feature that allows you to full-screen the application you are in (he was in a word doc.) so you can work in peace.” That’s such a pointless, lame idea. If I were being bother by iChat, I’d quit the program. I’d get off the internet if too many emails were coming in.

      I hate to say it, but Apple seems “PCish” their latest ideas. The ideas are lame, pointless, and now you have to pay more money to have something work properly.

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      I hate to say it, but Apple seems “PCish” their latest ideas. The ideas are lame, pointless, and now you have to pay more money to have something work properly.

      That’s ironic, because since the inception of WinXP I felt PC’s were getting “Macish” (as in ‘artsy, pointless and expensive.)

      Truth is, both companies have run out of ideas and have become so bloated with ‘marketing gimmicks’ and their efforts to make computing ‘trendy’ and ‘tribal’ (cue the ‘I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC commercials). The PC World portion of CSE was equally lame. I wonder why Microsoft or Apple bothered to show up this year.

      That is whack about paying $50 bucks for a reflection resistant coating. You would think it would just come with the unit upfront. Whether it’s Apple or MS, the bottom line is all they want is your money and they’ll do whatever they can to worm it out of you.

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      Actually, I like genius and time capsule, and the ability to have completely different desktops for different uses.

      It’s ironic that people used to complain that the different OS didn’t have enough features now we complain that they have to many.

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      I think the idea of multiple desktops is a great idea too actually. Certainly this issue of what’s useless and what isn’t is completely opinionated. I just think where Apple was a year ago was perfect. And now they seem to be changing things for the sake of changing things. I definitely saw no need to change the monitor. That annoys me the most. Especially since I am ready to buy a 2nd 23inch monitor, but they discontinued it. Now I’ve gotta look for a used one or something.

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      actually you can thank the tree huggers for the descision to use glass and aluminum.

      Greenpeace and others were pretty harsh on Apple.

      That’s why, the eviromental bennifits of the new hardware (materials and esp new batteries) was such a big issue in the last keynote.

      in the studio/office it’s a non issue, as any pro should videographer/photographer should be able to figure out how to light something without getting glare off the glass, but in the feild it can be distracting. Not a deal breaker for me…

      I use time capsule, I have external hds partitioned, each drive has on partition with a bootable clone of the computers hd, and a timecapsule partition on the same drive.

      recovery from disaster? reboot the computer off the cloned drive and go. replace the drive in the computer and copy the cloned drive, time capsule takes care of everyday stuff, so you lose nothing.

      itines genious does help when buying music for other people in the household…but little use elswise imho.

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      Like I believe it has been mentioned before, the company is running out of ideas…. However, I will say Time Capsule is a good feature somewhat, in that in between my backup sessions every three days or so, it’s good to know that somewhere the files exist if I really need to access them.

      And ever since I started really doing video, I will say that I work mostly with lights off, so I never noticed the glare/reflection problem. But I will agree that most of their recent updates, with one or two exceptions, are mostly pointless.

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