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      I was thinking of getting Certified in FCP. Can anyone tell me where this has come in use other than for my personal ability as an editor? What jobs are there for someone who is certified? It’s aLOT of money, so I want to make sure that it would be useful in the long run.

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      It’s not that useful if you’re already a professional editor. The only way I could see it being helpful is if you watch to teach. Even then, a legit school should care more about your years of experience and not some certification.

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      Getting certified in any program is good if your interest is to get technically in depth training in a class-room setting. However, certification is as Rob says best used if you want to teach at some universities or teach seminars. However, certification or not you must have the working experience and a comparable reel to match. Certification is just like going to filmschool, in certain instances it can get you gigs that require it. Most times though, your resume’ and reel will be the real selling points.

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      Certifications help if you want to teach and to train. If wanting to be an editor, you just need to be great at editing.

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