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      I’m trying to get a project to work on dvd players but it won’t work.. there is a problem with menus

      I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
      PAL, 720×576, 25 [fps], Lower, Quality 5.0
      48 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo, PCM
      CBR, 7.00 [Mbps]
      Running Time: 00:39:40:05
      A DVD template layout (kindly suppplied by AP Pro), 4 Main menu markers, 22 Scene markers, 1 Stop marker
      The project previews fine, the menu works great, looks good etc, I burn the project to dvd using “DVD Layout”, “Burn DVD”, have followed the tutorial supplied by adobe and so on..
      The dvd burns with no errors, however when placed into a dvd player to view, I just get a blank screen with some red lines that can move around like a menu on the screen but pressing enter or anything does nothing. If I stop the dvd then push play, the dvd plays title 1 automatically. I can’t access a menu at all, skipping to next title, causes the dvd to stop, it says there are 3 titles there, only title 1 works. I can view the entire dvd, from start to finish (all on title 1, chapter 1).
      I have tried both +R and -R dvd’s, my burner should use +R but I have read that -R work better on home dvd players which is where the discs will be played.

      Anyone with any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      I have also thought about using Encore for this but the prem pro wizard seemed simple(? could this be further from the truth?) enough for a small project like this.

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      What really makes a difference is the burn speed and brand of media. If you are using cheap DVDs and burning at high speeds they will not be compatible with most DVD players. Use good media and burn at low speeds to ensure compatibility with most players, 8x or slower and Verbatim discs would be a good combination πŸ˜‰



      Plus, if you are using Premiere Pro I recommend using Encore to author and burn the DVDs πŸ˜‰

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