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      Hello All,

      I’m considering purchasing a field audio recorder – looking specifically at the Zoom H2. I’ve read lots and lots of good about it. My primary question is: can I plug a lavalier mic into the 1/8″ mic input on the Zoom H2 and just have the talent wear it like a wireless bodypack transmitter? Shoot video and then synch the audio from the H2 in post?

      Just wondering if I will get as good quality using an external mic as everyone raves about with the built-in mics.

      Does anyone see a problem with this idea? I’m trying to hold off on dropping $500-$700 on a good diversity wireless setup, though it is in the works. I know I would use the H2 for lots of other things as well.

      Thanks for any input!

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      It is bulky and will not ALWAYS fit in pockets but where it can be carried by the talent a wired lav going into the H2 is a GREAT improvement on the overall quality of its recording. I have, though, when in dire straits, slipped it into a shirt or inside coat pocket with the audio cranked up and still obtained useable audio even muffled through the cloth, using the H2 onboard mics.

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      Thanks, EarlC – I appreciate your input – ordered one today. Any insider tips or lessons you’ve learned the hard way using the H2?

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      Read the operators manual and practice with it until you learn your switches, settings and sequences before you do any real work with it. It’s not intuative and many a first timer would “arm” the record thinking it was recordingand lose that scene’s audio (been there, done that the first time I used it).

Viewing 3 reply threads
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