Anyone Want To Do Shorts Fest In 3rd Largest US Media Mkt?

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      Deadline coming up for submissions for DCShorts Film Fest: April 30. Special categories for Canadian filmmakers and screenplays that haven’t been shot yet; as well as the "anything goes" category.

      This festival has been growing in popularity. Over 500 submissions are guaranteed. I will be on one of several teams doing pre-evaluations of 40-50 short films to see who the serious contenders are. Don’t ask me what makes for a contender; I haven’t been "trained" yet! But, off the top of my head, it definitely is a plus if your visuals and editing are wonderful and it really stands out if your audio is also wonderful (a problem area for some fest submissions) and it is even more wonderful if all of that is combined with a compelling hook (storyline).

      Almost forgot. This one has some decent prize money. X-D

      Here’s the website:

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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