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      Hey all,

      I’ve got a mini DV cam (Sony DCR-HC21) with the following outputs: USB, Firewire, A/V Out, LANC. I have NO idea what LANC is…

      I want to be able to capture video on my Dell Laptop that does NOT have a firewire port built in. I’ve seen some Express Cards (link below) for sale and it looks like they will do the trick. I put a firewire card in my home PC and it works great!! Good transfers, great video and audio, very bass’y sound.

      My question is: Does anyone have info on the laptop card to get a firewire connection going? And if so, what the heck is the 5v power adapter on the side of some of the Firewire express cards?

      Thanks VideoMakers!!


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      lanc is remote control for the camera, you can hook up a lanc control device to your tripod to focus and zoom the camera without having to reach up to the camera.

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