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      Being on a tight budget I trawled the web for hours and came across this site offering cameras pretty damn cheap…. however it is in Indonesia and I firmly believe in the adage that if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

      I’d be grateful to know if anyone has any good or bad experience with these guys and whether I can trust them with my hard earned cash?

      Thank you for any help….I am new. I am naive. I am vulnerable.

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      I found this firm on Ebay and contacted them direct.

      On june the 27th i sent 1600 for a Canon Camera and I am still waiting,

      they are blocking my Emails,and just wont respond.

      I checked them out before i made my purchas and the were very highley regarded,I have now through Ebay been in

      contact but after sending a copy of the wire transfare,they are saying the money was not payed into their account.

      I think they are keeping a good reputation on Ebay,so as to rip people off who contact them direct.

      Take nothing to do whith them..



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      Sorry to read about your problem.

      #1 rule – if the price is too good to be true, it’s probably a scam deal. is a good place to check out internet sellers. If they aren’t represented they probably aren’t worth messing with.

      Seriously, if you lose on one deal you’ll have a heck of ahard time making up for the losses onfuture purchases.

      Ebay is the focal point for getting good feedback, but you have to be aware… watch to make sure the item is being sold onebay.

      If you don’t transact from ebay you have no protection from ebay.

      You gotta think outside the box, just like the crooks or you’ll get nailed.

      YOu can always inquire on this forums, you’llshould get some feedback of a worthwhile nature.

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      There is substantial evidence that this is a scam.

      The web-site looks convincing until you check out a few of the contact numbers.

      I too have lost money.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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