anyone know how to do this?

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      I was asked by a customer if I could add text to a video similar to the 3D Text in the 3.5 minute video at the above website. Sorry, there is no time counter on the web player. However, should you have 3.5 minutes to spare, the part that puzzles me is how the video producer got the 3D text in the video where there are people on either side of the text. I’m sure they didn’t use green screen, I saw no sign of masks, I’m quite puzzled.

      Also, anyone know what 3D text program that is? I have After Effects CS3 but I’m sure I can’t add blocky 3D text, hovering over the floor, with shadows…

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      The shots that had 3D text were brief. So i imagine the editor may have masked the text in to each frame individually. It probably took a lot of time even for the few shots it appears in. Also, what sold the effect was the lighting however, the draw back to me was the choice of color for the text. It was too dark. I’ve also seen effect done in a recent UPS commercial.

      Can you layer a text over an area of, say 50 to 75 pixels? I have Sony Vegas pro 9, and to get 3D texts I just duplicate a text track about 50 to 75 times and then place each track a pixel a part on the Z plane. It takes forever to render but it works.

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      One more thing. Checkout they have a ton of tutorials on this type of effect. i hope that helps.

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      This effect has been really popular lately on TV commercials and in Movies. The best example of it was in “Zombieland” during the opening credits.

      I would assume that other that the way that REX explained, if you were looking for a more in depth version, you would need to use a program like Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion.

      Some sort of Motion graphics software. I wanted to try some of this as well but haven’t do so yet.

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      Thanks for looking at that sample. I do have After Effects but I am puzzled about how to make text look like there are people on either side of it. For people who don’t have time to watch the video, the best way I can describe it is … how would you put the word ‘scrimmage’ in between two football teams at the scrimmage line…and make it look like it was actually there at the time of recording.

      The closest I could find on videocopilot was the video where the guy dropping the box freezes – not quite the effect I’m looking for. Must look up zombieland. Thx

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      As mentioned above, this is most likely done in After Effects or Motion.

      There are two video tracks here. Track one is the video clip. Track two is the text.

      When you add the text, it appears to be on top of everything in the shot. To make it looks like it’s behind something, add a mask to the text layer – track two – and trace around the object that you want to appear in front of the text.

      Some of these shots definitely require rotoscoping, which is time consuming, but not really that hard.

      Since you have After Effects, I would just play around with 2D text to see how it works. It will be the same concept. Then once you’ve figured it out, you can buy a 3D Text plug in for After Effects. I don’t think After Effects does real 3D text by itself.

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      Thanks, I guess I was hoping there would be some easy way but I suppose you are right about masking etc Rob. It just looked too clean to me to have been masked and too much work to do it numerous times in one 3.5 min video. CS3 After Effects has some 3d but not like in the video sample.

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      I have a program called BluffTitler that you can make 3D text and composite them in like that. Like others have said, the rest is masking and rotoscoping which isn’t hard but does take a while. You don’t have to have anything fancy to do this. I could do this in Vegas just take a while.

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      Watching Monday Night Football I saw that somehow they add lines and information seemingly on the turf, I know they aren’t masking or rotoscoping that, but people walk over them etc. How is that done?

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      So I asked your question using Google (how are field markers added to tv football games). Here are some reads. There were a lot more.

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      You could probably get away with using boris 3d text ( and Final Cut Pro. Just some animated cropping and layers would do the trick.

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      If you have photoshop you can use the bevel and emboss to make the text look 3-d and then bring it into After Effects and do your masking and rotoscoping to make it look like it is in between the people working out. When you save the file in Photoshop, make sure it is saved as a PSD file and importit into After Effects.Make sure you bring it in as a composition, then you will be able to make the 3-D text last as long as you wish. Hope this helps.

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      thanks for the tips everyone. At least I have some idea how it’s done.

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      There are 2 ways to do this

      Rotorscoping this is where you have to mask and track the motion, it is time consuming

      In the clip place you 3 d text as normal and rotoscope the person in front of the text

      The other way is quicker and easier using garbage mask or matte this is very tricky in that when you shoot your footage give more backlight to the background image

      Or use a DoF to separate layers.

      In your NLE duplicate x 3 the track the top track set your levels to solid, reverse this to a mask , multiply the mask for the second track.

      your original clip underneath the mask.

      In AE or Boris RED select the mask track select video rack 1 for mask select levels for the mask and you are done.

      If you want I can do a quick tutorial for garbage masking and upload it.

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