anyone know how to add commentary to a dvd?

Videomaker – Learn video production and editing, camera reviews Forums Technique Editing anyone know how to add commentary to a dvd?

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      I’m using Studio 9 Plus to make a movie. I want to add a commentary audio track, but I can’t figure out how.

      Anybody know software to use to do it? Or HOW to do it?

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      Thanks, but I didn’t explain what I meant, sorry. I want to know how to add commentary as a separate audio track that can be turned on or off either through the DVD menu or with the “Audio” button on your remote, like on most industry DVD’s. Does Studio do it? Or ANY software, for that matter?

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      Heck, If he’s got encore, this should be easy. I’ve added french translations to a wedding video once using Encore. Plus you’ve got the nice transcoding options in Encore that allow you to fit loads more on your DVD. (I’ve made a disk with a four hour video on it, but I think you could have more.)

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