Anyone interested in making a music video for my song?

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      I know this is my first post at this forum, so I would like to point out ahead of time that Im not trying to sell anything.

      I really want to ad something visual to my art, so I started looking for a forum such as "videomaker" to attempt to see if I could find someone interested in collaborating. I really admire what people are capable of creating with a camera.

      My song "Bobbing for Apples" as of tonight, is number 29 on the alternative-metal charts (, so your work will definitely get exposure. This isnt screaming the whole time trash metal, so those of you who cringe at the label of "metal" might still want to take a gander at this to see if it interests you.

      I will ad the music video to my "band page": , and will certainly credit you by making it clear who did the visual work.

      Im excited to have whoever wants to make this video, make it with their own interpretation of the music if they want. I am also very willing and look forward to talking about concept ideas as well (I can get whichever chat service you use).

      Here is a link to the song: "Bobbing for Apples"

      To play the song just click the "hi-fi" link. Also, the lyrics are below so you can follow along.

      I look forward to hearing from someone who would like to collaborate. Please email me at

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Good luck with your search, but it would probably help if you stated what part of the country (or world?) you’re in.

      This is what your "profile" is for. When you register here or "edit profile", you can enter a bit of info about yourself and your location. I think it makes using these forums more fun and interesting when you can see where people are posting from – and why hide your location anyway?

      Also, you’re going to get on a lot of spam lists (which could eventually make your email address nearly unusable) by posting your email address. You may want to ask people to "PM" you, or even just post back on this same forum until you decide to follow up.

      Hey there, thanks for the friendly advice. I didnt add or mention where I reside because i didn’t think it was important, but now I see that for some people it adds to the fun level. In regards to hiding my location, I had no idea that I did that……. it must be a default setting or something?

      Ha, in regards to the email spam thing, yikes, thanks for the heads up on that.

      Anyway, im from Oregon, Usa.


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