anyone have a Demo video of dance studios?

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      i was wondering if anyone has a short demo video of dance, ballet, and ballroom recitels to see what camera angles, type of shots, widescreen or fullscreen, and if shot in HD or SD. Is it a better idea to shoot in 720p quality and down convert to 480p to DVD and does anyone sell Blu-Ray to dance studio customers as an option?


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      If you are wanting to “study” clips of dance studio footage you can see all you’d want by doing a Google search under any one of several keywords, and/or key word combination. I doubt most people would be willing to openly share their productions with someone they do not know anything about.

      I shoot two camera, two operator, side-by-side if at all possible, with one shooting medium to wide and/or follow of the action, the other shooting medium to close with pretty much constant follow of the action. If side-by-side (I call it stereo) is not possible, I shoot to the left and right of the center row of seats. Often, in this case the two operators will shoot across each other – that is left camera shoots right stage with occasional moves to left, and right starts at left of stage.

      Dance instructors, dancers and choreographers PREFER to see head to foot, and the entire ensemble with rare, few and quick passes for close-ups, wanting to view the routine in total. Students vary on this, and parents of course want to see their kids. The right combination of medium-to-wide and medium-to-close can satisfy the needs of all if done well.

      I shoot standard definition full screen, no wide screen in my productions yet (haven’t been requested, called for or needed) and with today’s technology most playback units can upres the image, and even show the entire SD product without squishing or squeezing the image – so people are not going to willingly pay the premium I would want to enjoy to provide wide screen, high definition video product on dance recitals and related event coverage.

      Shooting 720 or 1080, delivering in BluRay or high definition of any nature, or going through the process of down-converting to full screen would all be experiments, and I doubt most clients (at least in my area of experience, having done these for many years) would be willing to pay what it is worth to provide. They don’t particularly want to see their childrens’ zits, braces or gunk in the corners of their eyes, just the dance routine. With the challenges of extreme focus in high definition production work, the need to follow a lot of the routines from all over the stage, and varying and weird lighting setups, I doubt HD is going to enhance the experience beyond what SD is already capable.

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      I was wondering, when you shoot these dance recitals or competitions, there is copyrighted music, so how would you cover yourself and your company from the copyrighted music? How would you word the contract, so the responsibility of using copyrighted music would go to the Dance Company or the Parents of the kids?

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