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      Do you make movies with them? Do you have some fun tricks/special effects you use that they really like doing and watching?

      I’m writing an article for a family magazine about making fun vids with your kids and I’d love some input from some parents who do it a lot. Let me know, I’d love to hear from you … samiam[at]

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      Great question! My kids may be a little older (13 and 15) but I found that if you let them have as much input as possible, then they will fully participate and have an incredible bonding experience.

      I did a video for my church about communication between parents and kids and at first they wanted nothing to do with it (they thought they may be embarassed in front of their friends). Even though I wrote a detailed script, I basically just explained what I wanted to do on each scene and asked them what they would do or say, and it really made it even better.

      If you want to take a look, feel free to do so here: (Keep in mind, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it 😀 The video was a hit at church and the reaction from their friends was great – It really opened them up to do more later. Last weekend, my son brought 4 classmates over to do a project as a video newscast. They were pretty excited when I brought out a green screen to do backdrops (my son made some major points that day)

      Anyway, sorry to ramble, but when your hobby takes up a lot of your free time, I try to find as many ways to include my family into my passion. The bottom line is that as a perfectionist, it can be hard to relinquish control over the creative process, but if you can step back and allow your kids to be creative, it will turn out even better than you had hoped.

      Good Luck!
      Tim P.

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      It’s funny – I got a video camera back in 1981 when my oldest was 2 (I think that’s when – I’m old now and the grey matter is more a mottled mass of jelly), I taped lots of stuff – vacations, school plays, stuff like that. I now going back over my old tapes and capturing them – I figure I’ll have the time to put together some nice stuff after I retire (about 15 years from now).

      My biggest regret is that on many of the tapes, I was concerned with getting where we were on tape – I figured that we’d want to see the vacation spot most – As it turns out, I regret not spending more time filming the kids instead of the activities. Don’t get me wrong – I still ahve footage of them – just not as much as I’d like.

      As a word of advice to all you young parents – forget the parade down Main Street (you can buy that DVD for $20 in the souvenir shop) – Focus on your kids and their reactions to things.

      Just MHO.

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      Can you email me your phone numbers so I can talk to you some more?

      tpainter, I’m very interested in the green screen idea. (The church video was pretty funny, too!)

      I’m also fishing around for special effect tricks — using pause to make things disappear, simple stuff like that … for the purposes of this article, I don’t think I can get into anything too technical, like post-production editing tricks … just stuff we used to do as kids with the super-8.

      But tips like birdcat’s — focusing on the kids, not the ho-hum parade — are just as valuable.

      This is great. I really appreciate any little scrap and I hope to use as much as possible.

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      Hey there, Camo —

      I did something fun for my daughter and her friends on New Years Eve. I told the girls (seven of ’em) to plan a music video — decide what sorts of shots they wanted, which song to use, etc., gave them some dress up clothes, and then videotaped them as they "directed" me. Then, I took a few hours editing it together using avid Liquid, with LOTS of special effects and corny transitions (kids love that stuff). I burned it to DVDs and as WMVs — we watched it when I was done and it was a great take-home gift. THEY LOVED IT! It even got shown at their school to all the classes.
      I don’t have it posted online, but I could probably send you a copy if you’d like.

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