Anyone familliar with Roxio’s VideoWave Professional V7?

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      Hi everyone, hows it goin today? Its about noon EST and if you are not up to 15 cups of coffee by now, you will be hard pressed to get to 30 cups by 6pm (est) – just give you the heads up X-D

      so, Im trying to convert vhs to dvd. Since my regular Adobe products would not accept anything besides firewire input, I used Windows Movie Maker to import a VHS tape from a VCR. Used Dazzle converter hardware to get from the vcr to the PC.

      after importing, I found out that WMM will not burn a dvd so I loaded Videowave Pro (version 7) by Roxio.

      I imported the WMM file into VW7 and clicked burn. Wella. a 2hr movie burned to disk in less than an hour!

      Since, I intend to do this on a pretty much regular basis, I thought, why I use one program? eg capture in VW7 and burn there as well.

      So I tried that. There was no sound during preview but it was the same with WMM – you dont hear sound during preview so I thought it would be ok.

      after that disk was burned, there was no sound.

      I checked all (what I think was all) the settings on VW7, nothing muted etc, tried several differnt input settings like "line in" aux etc. but there was never sound with preview.

      Went back to WMM, tried to do it the first way, now I cant even get WMM to preview!?? leadds me to beleive there must be some other global setting somewhere effecting the programs?

      any thoughts?

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