Anyone familiar with Panasonic HD equipment?

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      I am looking into the AJ-hpx 2000, my question might be general though, I was looking at the accessories list and I was curious:
      What is a HD/SD SDI input board? Does it require this accessory to operate? also I see that there is a avc-intracodec board. Not sure what that is, other than probably something that compresses video on the fly?

      Also having problems locating a place in canada that sells tripod’s Everytime I do a search I get camera tripods, I am looking for a suitable tripod for this camera. (one that works well with pan and tilt)

      Is the Unislot Wireless Mic Receiver specific to this model? is there a generic brand that is compatible?

      looking to figure out what equipment would be necessary to get this camera operational.

      Thanks for any info

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