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      It seems I made the terible mistake of updating a couple of my PCs to internet Explorer 9. When I try to respond or add a new post here I have nothing but troubles. I had to pull out my netbook to post this as it is the only one not to have IE9. I had to do that for this post as well since all that we put on the forum was a blank post.

      IE9 will not let me mouse-click within the edit box for a post. I have to cursor keys to navigae should I find a typo to fix. When Ipost, as soon as I hit thepost or edit keyI get the warning option that I will be leaving the page and will lose all my changes.

      Anyone have info on what settings might be done for IE9 to play nice with this forum?

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       I’ve had issues on my vista32 laptop but not on my windows 7 machines. Only problem is I use my laptop for surfing the web, go figure I guess. I did switch to “software rendering only” in internet options and it seems to be not crashing as much. Still a bit buggy though.

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      Thanks for the suggestion WSanford. I made the change, restarted IE and it does not seem to have made a difference.

      Here is some more info I hope helps the webmaster for the forum to solve my issue.

      Netbook runs XP32 and IE8

      Laptop runs VistaUltimate32 and IE9

      Desktop runs 7 Pro64 and IE9

      Both laptop and desktop had no problems when running IE8.

      When I enter a post on the XP IE8, I can click anywhere in my text in the edit box and thats were my cursor goes. When done editing and click the submit button, the mouse cursor changes status as it logs in the post and the forum page refreshes with my post being submitted. This is the way I have grown used to entering posts here,

      Both of the IE9 systems demonstrate the following:

      I can click in the edit post text box and my text cursor shows up. I can type in the text box and it appears like IE8 system. This is the only time a mouse click works in the edit box.

      Should I find a typo in what I have written I have to use the cursor keys to navigate to the error, mouse clicks do not work..

      But should I leave the text box for any reason, say to copy a link from another web page, or text from another document, I cannot enter back into the text box to paste. At that point I am stuck..

      When I submit the post by hitting the Send Post or Edit Post buttons, I get the IE info message;

      Are you sure you want to leave this page?

      Message from webpage:

      The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.

      Button: Leave this page

      Button: Stay on this page

      (I would get this message in IE8 only if I had entered some text, decided not to post, and I was navigating away from the current page.)

      If I hit the Stay button I can enter back into the post text box to continue the editing with a mouse click with the cursor at then end of the text.

      If I hit the Leave button the page refreshes almost instantly and I have an empty post in the topic.

      I also notice that on the IIE9 systems I have no access to the edit bar at the top of the post text box. I can mouse over the items and they highlight with the text box showing the title of the button but clicking them does nothing.

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       I have had these same issues…   what I find works for me is to select the “stay” button, then “re-post” using the “leave page” and the post seems to work. Of course, as a measure of backup, I select and copy my response before choosing to attempt the post (that way I don’t have to re-type everything if it doesn’t post properly. So far, this method has worked everytime.

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      Simplest solution is avoid IE and try other browsers like firefox or chrome. I personally use firefox. its much better

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