Anyone actually tried to get usage rights?

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      Has anyone here charging clients for wedding videos and other domestic or private projects actually gone through the process of trying to acquire the rights to use a commercial recording for a video project?

      I’m talking small video productions here – "commercial projects for domestic consumer use", as it were. Wedding videos, family slideshows and the like. Projects that have a very limited distribution and are typically sentimental pieces for private viewing. Please don’t answer if your project was a business commercial, movie or TV show.

      It seems that officially you need to acquire Master Use license and a Synchronization License directly from the copyright holders. (In the US and Canada anyway.)

      What I’d like to do is get a thread going that gives us an idea of whether this whole process is feasible for small-time people and to provide a list of which publishers are easier to work with.

      So if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for the benefit of us all…

      Has anyone actually tried to do this?
      What was the song? (If you’d prefer not to say give an indication of its popularity and age.)
      Who was the publisher?
      Did they get back to you?
      How long did it take?
      Did they seem to have a process in place or did you feel like it was a rare request that they were not set up to deal with?
      What price did they want you to pay for rights? Was it reasonable for the 10 or so copies you wanted to make?
      Did the rights allow you to show the video at a Wedding or other ‘family gathering’ venue?
      Were there any stipulations or restrictions placed upon you?
      How was the license granted?
      Are you able to use that song on another project without going through the whole process again?
      Any other things you had to take into consideration?
      Any advice to give based on your experience?

      (Thanks a lot for your contribution. I think this will help a lot of people understand the reality of the situation about copyright license acquision rather than the theory which has been discussed to death!)

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      I have read post after post and posted a couple on this topic.
      There is another site I read for news and will be joining soon.

      WEVA ( has a whole news section and is also helping the videographers with innovations.

      The website I have listed below is something new they just began a couple months ago. But the good thing is that you don’t have to be a member of WEVA to take part in it.

      This site is collecting copyright rights for a library of popular songs. To break down the way it works:
      1. They contact the various companies ASCAP/BMI/etc. and apply for copyright usage, then post the song when it has been approved for use.
      2. The songs in their library can be used for pretty much anything aside from commercial productions. But it is centered around Wedding and Event videographers.
      3. You must purchase a package of points where each song is worth 1 point.
      4. You can use a song in 25 copies of the same video. (but not in 25 different productions). Below is a list of FAQ on Zoom licenses.

      100 Credits costs $495
      200 Credits costs $878

      There are discounts for WEVA members.

      While this is not the most inexpensive way to do it, it is certainly the most legal. And their library is fairly vast.

      Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for this information. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I have done some fairly extensive searches on the net and in forums and had not come up with this yet. Many references to people saying "Do it the right way and ask for permission" and many frustrated answers saying "Do you know what you’re asking?", "Do you know how drawn out and expensive that is?"
      Hence the nature of my post. (I had discovered the existence of WEVA but that was about it.)

      It seems that the message needs to get out there to many people (some professionals even posting on these forums) because the debates still seem to be going on…

      I will contact the site owners and see if they can do something about better seeding their site so that perhaps it will come higher on the list when searching for things like "Sync licences in wedding videos".

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      If you are talking about ZOOMLicenses… WEVA recently (2 months or so) bought this company to help videographer so it is brand new.

      Regarding WEVA. For some reason many people on this forum don’t seem to like WEVA but I know for a fact that nearly every videographer in my county is part of it if for nothing else, benefits like this.

      WEVA members get a discount on Zoom credits.
      150 $315 est
      250 $615 est

      Plus it offers group discounts for insurance:
      Errors and Ommission – under $100/yr
      Equipment & General Liability – (I am currently getting a quote)

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      Yes, several times. I’ve used both email and snail mail. Never once have I received a reply.

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      Thanks for all the info about WEVA and the Zoom License.

      I recently received an email from Zoom stating that everything was in motion. It was taking some time but be patient and all will be well.

      Now a few days later the website seems to be down. I tried accessing it last night and again this morning from a different location.

      Anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?
      It would be a big shame if this initiative isn’t able to get off the ground! 😕

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      I just tried it and it works fine. 12:23am EST.
      I talked to them today.

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