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      I’ve produced a couple of DVD’s. While sales have been OK, I think there’s much greater potential. I spend so much time on my DVD’s that marketing is kind of neglected. I sell on eBay, Amazon and have my own site, and am looking for tips on how to increase sales.

      I came across, and wonder if this is worth the money, or just another expense? I would appreciate feedback from anyone that is or has been a user of that site. I don’t have money to just throw away, and don’t want to get distracted going down a path that will turn out to be just a waste of time.

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      I have seen this site also. My observations:

      $99/one time fee + $9/month seems really expensive
      The content, at least their examples, is all available free from other sites/publications
      The content, what little is demonstrated, is not very "deep". Seems minimal and shallow
      They have a weird mix of "do-it-yourself" and semipro/pro dvd production/marketing ideas, it seems like it should be one or the other
      No testimonials

      Too bad there’s no money back guarantee.

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      No testimonials
      Too bad there’s no money back guarantee.[/quote]

      He does have 3 or 4 testimonials, which is OK, but there’s no indication of his customers’ marketing skills before joining his service. I mean, were they absolute beginners who had no idea of what to do or where to go for advice?

      My thoughts were the same as yours.

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