anybody got any experience with this: Jahshaka?

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      am going to try it out time permitting…..but this is the wedding season……

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      I have used Jahshaka in the recent past, but I find that most of the compositing features don’t work (only the RT effects do) and the program crashes each time you open a DV-AVI. Moreover, there’s little or no documentation and the forums on the official site provide no help. Even registering is a hassle there! It’s a welcome initiative, just like Blender, Inkscape and GIMP (all free utilities that can also run on Windows), but with no documentation, there is a problem.

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      Pretty cool program. It will be awesome when it is done. Unfortunately however it is not quite done yet. Keep your eye on it though. Their plan is to rival the big boys like Autodesk Flint and Flame.

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      If they plan to rival Autodesk’s high-end utilities and "Power the new Hollywood", they have some major catching up to do. The Chroma effect is difficult to control and very messy, the Effects module is hard to use effectively, and the Paint module- which could be the Photoshop or GIMP of video- has no control over brush spacing, no provision for new layers and worse- no zoom mode! Now I find that the version I’m using- V2.0- is outdated, and they recommend using Jahplayer v3- that doesn’t work at all- just finishes with an error.

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      Jahshaka crashes again!

      Given the problems that Vista creates, I installed it on my laptop that uses Windows XP, and while most of the effects work well, the program crashes quickly each time I open a DV-AVI file! Ouch! Mr. Jah Shaka…or anyone else with an idea, please advise.

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